Tesla's Electrifying Discovery of Standing Waves(Free Energy) Was Also Illuminated to Walter Russell

It appears the Creator of this Electric Universe has a strong point to make - standing waves represent the electric potential that covers every speck of space. In other words, the creator's energy is ever present throughout creation.

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*Image Source: University of Science & Philosophy

It appears the Creator of this Electric Universe has a strong point to make - standing waves represent the electric potential that covers every speck of space. In other words, the creator's energy is ever present throughout creation. And this presence is always there to assist us; but we must know how to tune in properly. There are scientific methods to meditation that can help take those ready to the next level.

God is light and so both God and light are omnipresent; as are we - though we don't really know this until we become fully self-realized. While many scientists may not yet be comfortable bringing this all encompassing aspect into their studies, those who are willing to embrace this knowledge, will find themselves leaps and bounds in front of their colleagues.

All around us, this great energetic potential exists which is something that Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell both understood clearly.

Tesla and Russell were friends who supported each other's work and occasionally shared correspondence, but they did not directly work together. It's interesting they both made this discovery around the same time, and in very different ways.

At the age of 49, Russell had an illumination that lasted 39 days.

You can listen to the audio of this in the video at the end of this article.

During this time, it was easiest for him to remain in complete solitude as he was in constant communication with the Divine Presence that is within us all - God, the Creator, Source.

He was shown the true nature of creation and was also able to draw up several of the charts and drawing which have now become a part of his Universal Cosmogeny. Some of what was illuminated to him has been since proved in modern day laboratories, and with new and improved apparatuses of tech micro-vision, many of his drawings are proving uncannily accurate. Much of what he discovered was also understood by Tesla and still remains to be understood by today's science.

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*Image Source: University of Science & Philosophy

There is a excellent video on Wave Mechanics of Walter Russell's Cosmogeny at the end of this article.

Tesla made his great discovery while doing experiments at Colorado Springs:

Colorado Springs ~ July 4, 1899

"Observations made last night. They were such as not to be easily forgotten, for more than one reason.

First of all a magnificent sight was afforded by the extraordinary display of lightning, no less than 10—12 thousand discharges being witnessed inside of two hours.

The flushing was almost continuous and even later in the night when the storm had abated 15—20 discharges per minute were witnessed.

Some of the discharges were of a wonderful brilliancy and showed often 10 or twice as many branches.

They also appeared frequently thicker on the bottom than on top. Can this be so?

Perhaps it was only due to the fact that the portion close to the ground was nearer to the observer.

The storm began to be perceptible at a distance as it grew dark and continuously increased.

An instrument (rotating "coherer") was connected to ground and a plate above ground, as in my plan of telegraphy, and a condenser was used to magnify the effects transmitted through the ground.

This method of magnifying secures much better results and will be described in detail in many modifications. I used it in investigating properties of Lenard and Roentgen rays with excellent results.

The relay was not adjusted very sensitively but it began to play, nevertheless, when the storm was still at a distance of about 80—100 miles, that is judging the distance from the velocity of sound. As the storm got nearer the adjustment had to be rendered less and less sensitive until the limit of the strength of the spring was reached, but even then it played at every discharge.

An ordinary bell was connected to earth and elevated terminal and often it also responded.

A small spark gap was bridged by a bright spark when the lightning occurred in the neighborhood.

By holding the hands across the gap a shock was felt indicating the strength of the current passing between the ground and the insulated plate.

As the storm receded the most interesting and valuable observation was made.

It happened this way: the instrument was again adjusted so as to be more sensitive and to respond readily to every discharge which was seen or heard. It did so for a while, when it stopped. It was thought that the lightning was now too far and it may have been about SO miles away.

All of a sudden the instrument began again to play, continuously increasing in strength, although the storm was moving away rapidly.

After some time, the indications again ceased but half an hour later the instrument began to record again.

When it once more ceased the adjustment was rendered more delicate, in fact very considerably so, still the instrument failed to respond, but half an hour or so it again began to play and now the spring was tightened on the relay very much and still it indicated the discharges.

By this time the storm had moved away far out of sight.

By readjusting the instrument and setting it again so as to be very sensitive, after some time it again began to play periodically.

The storm was now at a distance greater than 200 miles at least. Later in the evening repeatedly the instrument played and ceased, to play in intervals nearly of half an hour although most of the horizon was clear by that time.

This was a wonderful and most interesting experience from the scientific point of view. It showed clearly the existence of stationary waves, for how could the observations be otherwise explained?
How can these waves be stationary unless reflected and where can they be reflected from unless from the point where they started?

It would be difficult to believe that they were reflected from the opposite point of the Earth's surface, though it may be possible. But I rather think they are reflected from the point of the cloud where the conducting path began; in this case the point where the lightning struck the ground would be a nodal point. It is now certain that they can be produced with an oscillator

This is of immense importance.

Measurement of inductance of oscillator secondary 36 1 /2 turns on tapering frame repeatedly referred to. The approximate dimensions and form of same are indicated in the sketch.


On the base it was about 51 feet and the sides were inclined at an angle of 45°. The sides were formed of light lattice work notched for the reception of the wires. The first turn of the secondary began some distance from the ground so that the average turn was smaller than it ought to have been, judging from dimensions, that is nearly 145 feet.

Nevertheless more wire was actually coiled up owing to the fact that there was some loss in the corners, and the wire not being perfectly straight added still further to the length so that 6 coils of wire were rolled up, their lengths being: 1000 1000 1005 1002 762 546=5315 feet total, No. 10 B. & S. wire.

Deducting ends left gave very nearly 5280 feet or a mile =1610 meters approx. The wire was wound on by the help of a stand rolled on the floor and supporting the reel. The resistance of the wire was 5.55 ohms.

The readings were as follows:


With 40 turns placed at same distance we may take approximate inductance to be about 42x 106 cm. Note: It was before assumed 5x 107 but the turns were a trifle closer.

Readings were taken today with the synchronous 8 pole motor to ascertain ω as closely as possible for future measurements with following results:


The secret of Creation lies in the octave wave, therefore, know the wave. Walter Russell

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