Sonoluminescence: When Sound Creates Light

Sonoluminescence is a fascinating force which few fully understand. Most physicists know that sonoluminescence is a process that creates light but they are still struggling to understand exactly what causes this.

This is because our current models of science are not based on the true workings of nature. And nature is our greatest example for fully comprehending the true workings of free energy technology. Free energy visionary and esteemed naturalist Viktor Schauberger understood this well.

Comprehend and copy nature. Viktor Schauberger

This is important here because in the process of sonoluminescence, a bubble is naturally created and this is the result of an alchemical implosion. In other words, it involves principles of free energy which have been severely suppressed in favor of energy systems that are born from the inherently erred understanding of quantum, particle, and nuclear physics which don't account for the fact that this is an Electric Universe; nor do they accurately reflect the workings of nature.

These erred sciences point us squarely away from anything remotely related to free energy and instead direct us (at our allowance of course, no victims here) toward extremely inefficient energy systems based on explosive technology involving insane levels of heat and pressure. The amount of abuse that nature and all the animals that rely on her has endured due to this is heart-wrenching and entirely unnecessary. It's crucial we get back into balance with nature. The signs are here; massive harm and destruction is obvious and all around us.

Check out our article Planetary Health in Danger: This is a Wake Up Call about our Current Trajectory Toward Atomic Suicide & What We Need to do to Reverse It to learn more about the violent and toxic nature of nuclear fission and what we need to do to change our current course of direction. This is much more likely to happen if we can embrace and apply the following wise words.

You must learn to think one octave higher if you wish to understand implosion technology. Viktor Schauberger

Cavitation Bubbles

When sound moves through water, the water can get pulled apart enough that the areas of low pressure create a small bubble of water vapor. This process is called cavitation. It creates bubbles because the low pressure tears a gap in the water. As the pressure increases so does the temperature - and all the way up to several thousand degrees.

This is all more fully explained in the below video by SciShow, which is very clear and well done. It packs a powerful punch when discussing the amazing mantis shrimp.

If you are interested in going into more depth and finding out what this has in common with a 'star in a jar', Bruce Lee's punch, and a pistol shrimp, then here is an article for further comprehension. This includes a very resourceful and well researched series of videos on implosion technology (free energy):

The Sacred Sciences of Implosion Technology (Free Energy) - Cavitation & Sonoluminescence


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Video: Sonoluminescence: When Sound Creates Light