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Emery Smith




Emery Smith, the whistleblower formerly known as “Paul”, has finally come forward to reveal his work inside secret biological facilities deep under the New Mexico desert. You may have seen him in the film Sirius, as he was dissecting the Atacama Humanoid body which you can see images of below.  (source)

During his time at this facility - located under Kirtland Airforce base, he and other members were tracked through a specialized "bracelet" that they were required to wear whenever on site. There were rigid rules that he and his co-workers were bound to due to certain contractual agreements - this "bracelet", along with 24 hour surveillance of their lives ensured that this contract would not be breached.

This was obviously a highly specialized lab with connections to numerous dark projects and one that also has ties to significant amounts of funds. This enabled them to utilize the most cutting edge equipment. In his daily work routine, Emery used a very interesting array of advanced technologies, such as flexible glass type "ipads" and other medical tools that assisted in his unusual work.

He has reported to have studied a little over 3,000 different species of unknown origin during his time at this highly classified underground lab. That's pretty staggering and mind blowing information to the majority. He has also reported seeing animal hybrids. This means that there are likely a significant number of beings, many who are harmless and innocent, which are being cruelly contained in this facility against their will - and it's likely that they are being tortured through these experiments and studies.

This is a huge crime against all of life - against nature herself, and it needs to be brought out into the light, and dissolved into the void that it is. These beings - the ones which are harmless and were taken into captivity in order to assist these studies, need to be cared for with the greatest love and set free or liberated to the degree that is safe for them and the public lest we lose our humanity. As for the beings artificially created in these laboratories, that is something we will have to find an integral and compassionate way to take responsibility for as well.

One of the most fascinating things that Emery has disclosed in regards to some of the beings he has worked on has to do with DNA and the very seed of life:

If I have just a few of your DNA that's not completely destroyed – it's not completely dead – we can actually just take that DNA and make your whole body back, because it enfolds within it all the consciousness things that you have endured through this lifetime like a hard drive. And you're still you.

And he is absolutely correct. Our DNA is our seed of life and holds our eternal pattern and the same is true for any other seed as well. This is why so-called extinct species of various plants have started to regrow in regions of Russia where they have built pyramids. The astral imprint of the entire plant is within it's tiny seed; which was regenerated by the vibratory forces of the pyramids. It's also something that certain spiritual illuminates and mystics are well aware of because they understand the properties of inert gasses and the role they play in creation and how they eternally repeat themselves in cycles:

Let us return to the example of the acorn which you hold in your hand and meditate upon it. The imperishable, invisible seed within that acorn is an inert gas, or a combination of several octaves of inert gases. And within the imperishable seed within that perishable acorn, is the whole answer to where the oak tree comes from to live, and where it goes when it dies. You have realized that the ultra microscopic seed enfolded within its surrounding placenta contains within it the image of every branch, leaf and fibre of what will be a fifty ton tree a hundred  feet high.  Walter Russell (source)

Emery also disclosed the fact that beings, be they biological, robotic, or a mix of the two do have the ability shape-shift to other forms. While others may doubt the veracity of this statement, it is absolutely possible and very easy to comprehend once you have realized the true nature of this Electric Universe. Most people do not yet remember that the entire creation we exist in is one simulation that can be projected from a single point in space which means that anything that happens anywhere, happens everywhere.

What we call creation can be likened to a movie projector beam that is being projected on the screen of space and time by the still magnetic light of the creators mind. We are essentially moving motion pictures because all matter and bodies are whirling motions of light just like what we see on a movie screen. And these whirling motions of light can be altered, redirected, and completely transformed in accordance with the creative power of the mind of the maker. Jesus the Christ fully understood the principles of creation and used them when he resurrected his body. And just think, there are those who will do even greater things. Will it be you?

In the following quotes, Emery shares his experience. This is definitely something that young adults who are just beginning a career in any field of interest can use as a guidepost to avoid such dark positions that may be presented in other ways. There are important lessons about not being lured by ego and position that we can distill from Emery's experience:

You know, it all started, actually, when I joined the military at an early age. I was what they call a 90252. I don't think they still use those codes anymore. But it had to do with being like a surgical technician – just a person who hands instruments to the physician. And I was also a paramedic and a surgical first assist, and then I became a teacher for that very quickly – overnight.
And then when I moved to Kirtland Air Force Base, they offered me a special, what we call “moonlighting job”, they call it. And I was still a kid, you understand. I was very young, but I was very intelligent and very mature for my age at that time.
And I was fascinated when they were putting me in charge of million dollar equipment that not normal people would be able to even utilize or even . . . it's not even ready for . . . even to be used for civilians yet.
So that lured me into working this . . . Okay, “Well, we're going to say you're THIS, Sergeant Smith, but you're really going to be doing THIS. But you're still going to be getting paid.”
 And I said, “Okay.”
 So, basically, I'm working for civilian, compartmentalized programs, but I'm an active duty service member. And it worked out.
I know there was a lot of . . . I could tell that the people that I was working for in the operating rooms there, it was like, “Well, why is Smith always leaving every day at noon? Where does he go?”
 “Oh, he has a knee issue. He has to go to physical therapy.”
So down the chain of command, they knew something was going on, but they also had to keep it justifiable, in a way, until “let's get him out of here, and let's go full-time with this, basically, dissecting tissues of unknown origin.”
 And that's where I got sucked in and was just getting obsessed with what I was doing.

7 Kirtland AFB

It is great that Emery is now sharing his wide breadth of knowledge and skills with the public. He played an important role in the popular movie produced by Dr. Steven Greer, Sirus. Below Emery explains how he became involved:

I was Vice President for CSETI for about five years, and what had happened was there was this being, of course, that was taken over by a civilian lab in Spain.And the government actually did have it before anyone else, but no one knows about that.
So the thing was, the people I was working with in CSETI decided it would be a great idea to go over here, and “let's do an autopsy, and let's get some DNA, because if you get some DNA, well, that outrules everything. And let's get a major university to do it.”
So being through my background, working with tissue from un-Earth origin in these compartmentalized programs – I've seen over 3,000 of these things – that it was just a winner for me to be the person to go do the autopsy on the senior team.
And I was definitely also assisted by Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Jan Bravo.

4 Greet Bravo And Emery

So they were, of course, the physicians there witnessing this and helping me harvest this tissue.

5 Autopsy 1

6 Autopsy 2




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The below interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast December 12, 2017. To view more interviews with Emery, please visit In this introductory episode, he tells us of his induction into secret military testing facilities at Kirtland, AFB in NM where he was tasked with dissecting tissue samples taken from extraterrestrial bodies.

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